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Male Dysfunction

Viagra and Erection Problems

What erection problems (erectile dysfunction) can Viagra (Sildenafil) help?

Viagra (sildenafil) can help men who suffer with erection problems (erectile dysfunction), also called impotence. This is an ongoing problem with getting or keeping a hard enough erection to have sex to their satisfaction. The erection problem results in the man being unable to penetrate their partner or keep their erection to allow enjoyable sex. Viagra (sildenafil) can be prescribed to alleviate this problem.

For information please arrange to attend a private male clinic at the Retreat on 01525 40 30 40.

How many men suffer with erection problems (erectile dysfunction)?

Most men, at some point in their lives, suffer with the occasional erection problem often associated with stress, tiredness or drinking too much alcohol. However it is estimated that at least one in ten men suffer with frequent and long-standing erection problems (erectile dysfunction) and it is these men who may be able to benefit from Viagra (sildenafil). That means there are well over 2 million men in the UK who suffer with erection problems. The problem becomes more frequent in older men. It is probable that around 20 % of men between 50 and 54 years and 50 % of men between 70 and 74 years have erection problems.

It is estimated that only 10% of men who suffer with frequent and long-standing erection problems (erectile dysfunction) actually seek medical assistance. This is remarkable since effective treatments like Viagra are available for many men that can really help.

What are the causes of erection problems (erectile dysfunction)?

Erection problems or erectile dysfunction is caused by both psychological and physical factors. It is thought that in 75% of cases there is a physical factor involved. Viagra can help in many cases either on its own or with other approaches.

Psychological factors that contribute to or cause erection problems or erectile dysfunction include; stress and anxiety from work or home, conflicts and dissatisfaction with the partner, depression, unresolved sexual orientation. Men with erection problems often suffer from the fear of failure. Men who have suffered from erection problems in the past worry about their performance, and this removes the pleasure of feeling sexually excited. This in itself contributes to their erection problems.

Physical factors that contribute to or cause erection problems or erectile dysfunction include; diabetes, low blood flow to the penis or too much leakage of blood from the penis, penile nerve damage, hormone imbalance, alcohol and drug abuse including heavy smoking, high cholesterol and stroke

Treatment of erection problems (erectile dysfunction)

Since there are many possible causes of erection problems, treatments can vary a great deal but in many cases Viagra can help.

Sexual therapy can be of great help for men with erection problems with a predominantly psychological cause. Often medicines are used in association with such therapy.

If a physical cause is the main problem, such as a hormonal imbalance addressing this can remove the erection problems. In some cases surgery can ensure normal blood flow is restored. Treatment of depression can remove erection problems caused by this.

In many cases medicines will be prescribed by a patient's doctor to directly assist the body to create and maintain a good erection. These medicines can either be injected into the penis (E.g. Caverject (alprostadil), inserted into the eye of the penis (E.g. MUSE (alprostadil)) or taken as a tablet by mouth (E.g. Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil) and Viagra (sildenafil)

Vacuum pumps are another option to help men with erection problems get a good erection.

How does Viagra (Sildenafil) work?

Viagra (Sildenafil) belongs to a group of medicines called 'PDE5 inhibitors'. It is a blue oral tablet, which is swallowed available in three strengths - 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. For Viagra to be effective, sexual stimulation is required and so Viagra will not create an erection unless a man engages in sexually exciting activity.

Viagra (Sildenafil) works by helping the blood vessels to the penis to let more blood flow. This helps to create and keep an erection. This increased blood flow is achieved by relaxing the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis.

The amount of time Viagra (Sildenafil) takes to work varies from person to person, but on average it takes between 20 minutes to one hour. Within a 4 to 6 hour period after taking the tablet an erection should occur in response to sexual stimulation. A man may find that Viagra takes longer to work if taken with a heavy meal.

Does Viagra (Sildenafil) always work?

Viagra works for most men who take it. In studies, more than 4 out of every 5 men taking Viagra had better erections. VIAGRA works in most men no matter how long they have had ED, what caused it, or how old they are. And Viagra has been shown to work time and again in studies of thousands of patients. In those studies, patients had ED that ranged from mild to severe.

Viagra (Sildenafil) side effects

When taken at the recommended dose, the possible side effects of Viagra (Sildenafil) are usually mild to moderate and last a short time. The most common side effects are a headache and facial flushing. Less common effects include indigestion, dizziness, stuffy nose and visual effects (a blue coloured tinge to vision and increased brightness of light or blurred vision)

Is Viagra (Sildenafil) for everyone?

Viagra (Sildenafil) is only for men.

Viagra (Sildenafil) should only be taken if your doctor has prescribed it for you. This is because Viagra can be dangerous if you take it at the same time as certain other medicines including some that are used to treat chest pain (angina). In addition, men with severe heart or liver problems or have had a recent stroke, heart attack, or who have low blood pressure should not take Viagra.

For these reasons you should always see your doctor if you think you could benefit from Viagra (Sildenafil).

How do I get Viagra (Sildenafil)?

You need a prescription from your doctor to legally obtain Viagra (Sildenafil). Companies offering Viagra without a valid prescription are breaking the law, and you may be putting your health at risk. We can also help at the Retreat by attending a private clinic, book now on 01525 40 30 40.

Avoid potential embarrassment.

For many men who are prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction, taking their prescription to the pharmacy represents an embarrassing hurdle which some may not overcome.

At the Retreat our clinics will assess if this is an option for you, or perhaps another type of drug and be able to supply your prescription to you directly.

Ensure that you do not pay too much

Unless you have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis, the NHS does not pay for Viagra. In this case your doctor will give you a private prescription that means you have to pay for the full cost of the medicine and also any dispensing fee the pharmacist chooses to charge. Big differences can exist depending on where you take your prescription to be dispensed. This means that it is important for you to find the best price available to you.

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